• RespectAbilityUSA Releases Toolkit for Job Seekers with Disabilities

    Washington, DC. RespectAbilityUSA, a non-profit organization working to empower people with disabilities to achieve the American dream, is proud to release a toolkit for job seekers with disabilities. Unlike employment outcomes for women, African Americans and Hispanics, which have been improving over time, the gap between employment rates of those with and without disabilities has expanded significantly. Read More
  • Nalaga'at Theater at the Kennedy Center

    Washington, DC. In a moving night of theater and exchange, Israel’s famous Nalaga’at Theater Deaf-Blind Acting Ensemble, RespectAbilityUSA, and the White House’s Claudia Gordon joined together for a night of magic. Nalaga’at is a world famous acting group whose cast consists of a dozen talented deaf-blind actors Read More
  • TJ Lavin PSA

    Action Sports Star/Host of  The Challenge   TJ Lavin Stars in New PSA on disability: “ We all should have the same opportunity to achieve the American dream.”

    Washington, DC. With fully 70% of working age Americans with disabilities outside the workforce, BMX bike legend and host of MTV’s  The Challenge , T.J. Lavin, is starring in a new public service ad where he says, “ whether it is me, you, or someone who just wants to work — we all should have the same opportunity to achieve the American dream .”

    Lavin knows how a disability can potentially change a person’s life. In October of

    Read More
  • Career Opportunities

    MTV’s TJ Lavin (L), Rep. Pete Sessions (R) with RespectAbilityUSA fellow Evelyn Kelley. Ms.Kelly is a Stanford grad who is hearing impaired and is one of 9 million Americans with disabilities who want to achieve the American dream. Read More
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