Powerful Role that Mentorship can Play in Supporting Employment Opportunities for Youth with Disabilities

Derek Shields of the National Disability Mentoring Coalition

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Derek Shields

Derek Shields, Vice President & Co-Chair of the Mentoring Committee

The mission of the National Disability Mentoring Coalition (NDMC) is to increase the awareness, quality and impact of mentoring for individuals with disabilities across the nation. Member organizations share core values and align with the Coalition’s initiatives to streamline communication, standardize and systematize data collection, reduce duplication of efforts, increase mentoring opportunities, and improve outcomes for youth and adults with disabilities. The Coalition integrates mentoring into its own operational model to transfer historical knowledge, incorporate reverse mentoring to generate innovation and develop new opportunities for individuals with disabilities across their lifespan.

Speaker Bio: President of ForwardWorks Consulting, LLC for PolicyWorks, Derek serves as Vice President and is the Co-Chair of the Mentoring Committee that guides the Susan M. Daniels Mentorship Fund. As a Project Management Professional (PMP), Derek has experience in strategic planning, program and performance management. Former contract work included: Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program, Walter Reed Army Medical Center’s Assistive Technology Training Program, the Defense Department’s Office of Family Policy and the Family Advocacy Program Office in support of their Domestic Violence and Child Abuse initiatives, the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Assistive Services and Technology and projects at HUD, DOI, DOT, the State Department, the Access Board, GSA, and the VA.

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