WEBINAR: Youth with Disabilities, Training and Employment Success-Lessons on Best Practices from Project SEARCH

Please join us on May 2nd for a webinar with Paula Johnson, M.S., and Lisa Enright, M.Ed. Project SEARCH. Together, we will be discussing lessons from Project SEARCH’s work with youth with disabilities and how to apply those lessons to other workforce programs. Lisa, in particular, will be sharing her insights into how to train people with a variety of challenges, adapt training materials for people with limited literacy and other ways to enhance program effectiveness. The insights from Project SEARCH offer critical lessons learned about serving youth with disabilities. Joining us for this webinar will provide you with key insights that can apply to other workforce programs. We will outline various ways to break down tasks, support different learning styles and how to accommodate different disabilities. Please RSVP at the link below.


Featuring: Paula Johnson, M.S.,Program Specialist Project SEARCH; Lisa M. Enright, M.Ed. Project SEARCH Instructor – Bayhealth

Paula has more than 30 years of experience in employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities that includes job development, job analysis, career planning, staff training, marketing, and management. She has been actively involved with Project SEARCH since 2003 and is currently a program specialist assisting schools, community rehabilitation agencies, funding agencies and employers with the development of new programs in 15 states and Canada. Paula is based in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Lisa Enright graduated with a degree in Business Administration from West Virginia University and a Master’s degree in Education from Wilmington University. With over 20 years of experience in business, education and instructional technology, Lisa uses these skills to personalize instruction to engage, empower, enhance and extend learning for Project SEARCH interns both in the classroom and the workplace. Lisa resides in Delaware with her husband, two children and her Labrador, Lady Mae.

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