Born This Way Season 3 #BTWChat

Featuring Sandra Assimotos McElwee, mom of Born This Way cast member Sean – @purpose2inspire

Hosted by Lauren Appelbaum (@laurenappelbaum) of RespectAbility (@Respect_Ability), this Twitter chat will take a look at ideas explored in #BornThisWay by the young adults with Down syndrome and their parents.

Tuesday, July 16, 2017, 9:00-11:00 pm ET

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You can find the questions for this chat in this post.

How to Participate

  • When the chat begins, search #BTWchat on Twitter for a series of live tweets:
  • Follow @purpose2inspire@Respect_Ability & @LaurenAppelbaum on Twitter.
  • Use the hashtag #BTWchat when you tweet.
  • Check out this explanation of how to participate in a chat by Ruti Regan:

Introductory Tweets for 5/16 Twitter Chat

  • #BornThisWay starts tonight on @AETV. Don’t miss these incredible stories tonight at 9/8c.
  • Welcome to our Twitter chat. Please remember to use the #BTWchat and #BornThisWay hashtags when you tweet.
  • If you respond to a question such as Q1, your tweet should follow this format: “A1 [your message] #BTWchat”
  • When we say PwDs or disability, we’re talking about all types of disability. Feel free to speak about specific communities #BTWchat
  • For each domain, we’ll ask for your views, stories, potential solutions, recommendations #BTWchat
  • Please share other thoughts as we also livetweet the first two episodes of #BornThisWay during #BTWchat!

Questions for 5/16/16 #BornThisWay Chat 

  • Q1. Let’s talk about dreams! What do you want to see cast of #BornThisWay succeed in doing this season? Do you share any of these goals? #BTWchat
  • Q2. Cristina’s goal is independent living and moving in with her fiancé. What advice do you have for her? #BornThisWay #BTWchat
    • Q2 cont. To achieve her goal, Cristina’s been taking independent living skills classes. What skills are most important? #BornThisWay #BTWchat
    • Q2 cont. What factors of having a disability can make it harder for people with disabilities to live on their own? #BornThisWay #BTWchat
  • Q3. Between Cristina & Angel and Megan & Steven, there’s lots of romance on #BornThisWay season 3! Share your best advice for our lovebirds! #BTWchat
  • Q4. Previously Steven only dated “typical girls.” How is this a big deal for Steven to now crush on Megan? #BTWchat #BornThisWay
  • Q5. Cristina & Sean have a lot of family support regarding living on their own. What role does your family play? #BTWchat #BornThisWay
  • Q6. What advice do you have for parents whose adult children with disabilities are living independently for first time? #BTWchat #BornThisWay
  • Q7. Has any stigma or perceptions about disabilities & living independently changed as a result of #BornThisWay? #BTWchat
  • Q8. So excited for Steven & Megan. What relationship challenges exist for people with intellectual disabilities? #BTWchat #BornThisWay
  • Q9. How does real life dating compare to what you see on #BornThisWay and in the movies and on TV? #BTWchat
  • Q10. What was the most surprising moment of the first episode? What was the most powerful moment? #BTWchat #BornThisWay
  • Q11. Megan & Steven want to date alone. What advice do you have for parents who aren’t used to letting go? #BornThisWay #BTWchat #Stegan
  • Q12. How do you handle a situation when some friends are dating and others have yet to experience a relationship? #BTWchat
  • Q13. Many cultures are represented in #BornThisWay. Do you think disability is viewed differently across different cultures? #BTWchat
  • Q14. Cooking relaxes Elena on #BornThisWay. How do you practice self-care? #BTWchat
  • Q15. Letting go is hard! What advice do you have for parents who are afraid of their children failing? #BTWchat #BornThisWay
  • Q16. How does seeing #BornThisWay cast members succeed in their life goals help you work toward doing the same? #BTWchat
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