Jewish Inclusion

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RespectAbility knows that the Jewish community is a stronger community when it lives up to our values – when we are welcoming, diverse, moral, and respect each other. We want our children, parents, grandparents, friends and other family members with disabilities to be able to fully participate in our community. We should ensure that everyone knows that his or her presence and participation is welcomed and meaningful to us. Moreover, as we work to attract the unengaged to participate in the community, we know that many people with disabilities are having a challenging time gaining access to our agencies, synagogues and community. We can gain much by remembering to make our tent open to those with disabilities and their families. Thus, RespectAbility offers the following free resources below to all who care about inclusion and equal opportunity.

RespectAbility offers Synagogues Free Toolkit for High Holidays!

View the toolkit here!

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