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Employment Resources for People with Disabilities

Government & State Employment Resources: is a comprehensive website with not only an extensive list of employment resources, but also information regarding benefits, civil rights, community life, education, emergency preparedness, health, housing, technology, and transportation for people with disabilities.

***List of all employment resources provides.***

Employment Resources and Self-Help Guide for Individuals with Disabilities – Sponsored by Department of Education/Division of Vocation Rehabilitation:  

This guidebook provides a wide range of explanations, further information and resources on a variety of disability services, including definitions, both legal and policy definitions about eligibility. It also provides links to job search resources, trainings, tools and sites to almost each aspect of a job search for people with disabilities including specific veteran services.

Self-Employment for People with Disabilities – U.S. Small Business Administration:

This link provides toolkits and resources for people with disabilities looking to start their own business and connects individuals to financial information regarding starting a business.

State Apprenticeship Information:

A list of state links to apprenticeship programs in each state, if a certain occupation does not have an apprenticeship program there may be open job postings instead that individuals may apply for. Each state runs their apprenticeship program differently, so the specific qualifications and requirements for apprenticeship are included in the link to each state. America’s Service Locator below has information regarding apprenticeship as well.

State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Offices & Contact Information:

**To qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation benefits by state there is an application process which can be found on the website links provided – filtered by state.**

List of each state’s Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Office, the contact information of the point person and link to website with further information and resources specific to each state and their unique employment services for people with disabilities.

Ticket to Work Employment Resource Database:

**Through the Social Security Administration (SSA) anyone who receives disability benefits already qualifies for Ticket to Work services, but some of the services found in the database may be accessible to those not receiving Social Security Disability benefits.**

Able to search through a database filtered by state or zip code for Employment Networks (ENs can help with free career counseling, job placement, and then ongoing support once working), Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies (State VR can help if you want to return to work but need more significant services before you can start), Work Incentive Planning and Assistance (WIPA projects are community-based organizations that work to enable beneficiaries with disabilities to make informed choices about work, and to support working beneficiaries to make a successful transition to financial independence), Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security (The Protection & Advocacy (P&A) network is the nation’s largest provider of legally based advocacy service for people with disabilities). The database shows state, multi-state and national providers including both non-profit organizations and federal agencies.

***Helpful reading about working while receiving Social Security Disability benefits***

Job Search Websites & Job Training Resources:

Ability Jobs – Affirmative Disability Action:

AbilityJobs provides a system for people with disabilities to search for jobs. The site allows employers to post job opportunities, search through resumes and employers can find dedicated and qualified people with disabilities to fill open positions.

Ability Links

AbilityLinks is a nationwide, web-based community where qualified job seekers with disabilities and inclusive employers meet and gain access to valuable networking opportunities. They offer online virtual job fairs for individuals searching for work to connect with employers. 

AbilityOne Program:

Ability One works with people who are blind or have other disabilities to find employment. The program coordinates its activities with nonprofit organizations across the country to employ people to manufacture and deliver goods and services to the federal government at a fair price.

To search for jobs go to the AbilityOne Network Tab and click on Employment Opportunities.

America’s Service Locator:

Connects individuals with employment opportunities, along with training services in their local areas through Career One Stop Centers, these programs are sponsored through the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Division. The website provides contact information to sites that provide services for employment education and training, such as resume building resources, interview strategies, salary and benefit information, and information regarding further education and training for jobs, along with a database of local job postings available to apply to.

Enable America:

Enable America works to help people with disabilities find jobs. They do this by hosting Community Connection Meetings across the nation to work as an information sharing network. They follow up these meetings with business breakfasts, in the form of Business to Business Meetings, which include business leaders, managers, resource professionals and inspirational speakers to work together to recognize the importance of hiring people with disabilities who are seeking jobs. The site also has a jobs board of various openings, from all over the country, which companies are able to post and job seekers may apply to.


GettingHired is a private sector organization that works with partner companies to locate employment for people with disabilities. Their website allows job seekers to create an account in order to search for listed job postings. While the website provides job postings it also has a National Network of thousands of organizations that provides services to people with disabilities and their employers, joining the network is free and provides a greater opportunity to be connected with resources and employers. Employers are also able to become partners through their website to gain access to the quality guidelines, education and resources that GettingHired has to offer them as well as connect companies with millions of skilled, valuable and dedicated employees.

Hire Disability Solutions LLC:

Hire Disability Solutions, LLC is committed to work for people with disabilities. They provide career services as part of that commitment and allow job seekers to post their resume, search for jobs, or have access to resources regarding starting their own business. Hire Disability Solutions, LLC works in partnership with companies to give people with disabilities access to jobs.


HirePotential works with solely with employment people with disabilities, mature workers, and veterans while working with companies and employers to provide services, education and resources on accommodations and accessibility. They also provide training’s and services for job seekers and their website contains a database of job postings for locating a job.

Manpower – Local temporary jobs:

Manpower is a job site that offers a temporary and full time job search by locality as well as employment resources.

Resume Help:

Provides, free of cost, resume and cover letter building services along with tools to use when preparing for job interviews.


SourceAmerica, a national nonprofit, is the leading source of job opportunities for a dedicated and highly qualified workforce – people with disabilities. Through their work, SourceAmerica makes the American Dream more accessible to a segment of the population where nearly 80% do not have jobs. SourceAmerica is an AbilityOne authorized enterprise.

USA Jobs:

The USA jobs website lists positions available within the US government, and individuals with disabilities can use this site in conjunction with the Selective Placement Program Coordinator (SPPC) directory. The directory lists the SPPC contact, which helps to recruit, hire and accommodate people with disabilities within each government agency. The Selective Placement Program Coordinator will be able to connect people with disabilities to jobs posted in the USA jobs website.

***Selective Placement Program Coordinator (SPPC) Directory***

***This link provides an overview of employment for people with disabilities in the Federal Government and the resources available including Selective Placement Program Coordinators.***

***USA Jobs Resource Center for People with Disabilities. Provides all of the information regarding the various resources USA Jobs offers.***

Employment Resources for Students and Youth with Disabilities:

Bridges to Work:

Bridges to Work helps more than a thousand young people, each year, most of whom are transitioning out of high school special education to prepare for the workplace, and find a job with an employer in need of qualified, entry-level applicants. Creating and supporting mutually beneficial competitive employment relationships, the program creates opportunities for employment for youth while driving bottom-line results for business.

Career Opportunities to Students with Disabilities:

This organization uniquely serves the community of college students with disabilities. They hold conferences each year for employers and students as a networking and educational opportunity. Their website consists of webinars for both employers and students with disabilities looking for future employment. They provide a Career Gateway system for students to search for job postings, with both student and employer accounts available

Jewish Foundation for Group Homes – MOST:

Meaningful Opportunities for Successful Transitions (MOSTTM) is a one year individualized program of activities and training designed to facilitate successful transition into the adult community. The MOSTTM program serves as a portal for individuals and their families, through which they are introduced and integrated into a broad range of community resources. The MOSTTM focuses on facilitating outcomes for participants in three domains:

Self-sufficiency — including self-help, independent living, and safety skills

Community – including social skills, transportation, and recreation

Vocation – including employment, education, vocational training, and dayhabilitation.

Project Search:

Project SEARCH is a one-year, school-to-work program that takes place entirely at the workplace. This innovative, business-led model features total workplace immersion, which facilitates a seamless combination of classroom instruction, career exploration, and work site-based training and support. The goal for each program participant is competitive employment.

Employment Resources for Veterans with Disabilities:

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV):

This program is designed as an intensive training program to offer experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management for veterans with disabilities resulting from their service to our country post 9/11.

Hire Heroes USA – Employment resources for Veterans with Disabilities:

Hire Heroes USA is a non-profit organization which creates job opportunities for US Military Veterans and their spouses through employment training and engagement in the workforce at no cost.


JOBHERO’s veteran career guide connects you to all kinds of information, advice, tools, and programs that offer real-world help including transition and training resources as well as career resources for injured veterans.

Vet Jobs:

Vet Jobs allows military veterans to search for jobs, post resumes, and find employment assistance. It is available to assist all members of the military, from all branches both enlisted or veteran status, and their families.


Walmart and Sam’s Club have committed to hiring 100,000 Veterans by 2018 and this link connects Veterans with the application process. This site provides job searches and applications for open positions, along with career counseling.

Disability and Employment Magazines/Publications:

ABILITY Magazine:

Covers disability issues. Covers the latest on health, environmental, travel, assistive technology, employment, sports, universal design, mental health and much more. Reports on the effects of the Americans with Disability Act, and also offers celebrity interviews, innovative technology information and informative yellow pages. Targeted to people with disabilities along with the people, organizations and companies affected by disability issues.

Website:  Phone: (949) 854-8700

Able: Magazine

Written for, by and about people with disabilities, their families and friends, involved professionals and volunteers. Features news that pertains to the disabled, calendar of events, columns written by various experts and a variety of informative stories. Editorial is presented in large-type format and published in two regional editions. Topics include court rulings, public information, sports, ADA proceedings and legislative issues.

Website:  Phone: (516) 939-2253

Absolute Advantage: News Website

Covers business, employment and workplace. Editorial content includes information and recommendations for workplace wellness, employment benefits and how it contributes to overall business health.

Website: Phone: (402) 827-3590

Careers & the disABLED: Magazine

Provides access to career services and expos on their website and the magazine focuses careers for people with disabilities.

Website: Phone: (631) 421-9421

Diversity Executive: Magazine

Dedicated to providing strategies for creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Provides strategies, research and proven methods that allow organizations to recognize the value of a diverse work-place. Includes executive profiles, columns, features, case studies and research. Topics for the magazine include diversity management, supply programs, culture, communication, training and development, impact, recruiting and more. Helps companies better realize the importance of diversity while jump-starting action.

Website: Phone: (312) 676-9900

Job Training & Placement Report: Magazine

Edited for professionals who support employment for people with disabilities. Offers helpful information and solutions for professionals who support employment for people with disabilities for over 30 years.  Includes success stories, marketing ideas, workplace and employment trends, issues and legislation affecting people with disabilities, school to work, job development and retention strategies and new assistive technology products.

Website: Phone: (715) 258-2448

Piece by RespectAbility’s President: 10 Tips to Enable People With Disabilities to Get Jobs

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Model Transition from school to work programs

USBLN PDF on Leading Practices on Disability Inclusion

See what other businesses are doing to hire more people with disabilities in this report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and USBLN.

PDF from NGA initiative "A Better Bottom Line: Employing People with Disabilities"

Report from the NGA conference on how governors can work to increase employment for people with disabilities

United States Senate HELP Committee publication: “Unfinished Business: Making Employment of People with Disabilities a National Priority”

A National Survey of Consumer Attitudes towards Companies that Hire People with Disabilities